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The Philosophy of Satisfaction

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

My coaching philosophy is to come along side you as a partner in discovering your potential. Consider me a facilitator who will ask powerful questions and provoke introspection as you explore achieving deep satisfaction and joy in your work and life. This coaching relationship will provide a way for you to discover your talents, leverage your creativity and gain traction in moving forward in a positive way in life. There may be situations and frustrations you cannot change, so some of the coaching experience will be about identifying your tolerance level, deciding what will and will not work for you and how to develop acceptable changes within your environment to increase your flow.

Let’s talk about flow for a minute. Flow in the workplace and in life occurs when you are satisfied with who you are, you are pleased that things are going well, and you are unstoppable in achieving your success. There is pleasure, harmony, joy and intensity when you experience flow. Think of flow like the journey of a tiny red cell within a larger vessel. In the center of the vessel, where the flow is laminar, the ride is smooth, swift and successful. If you get to close to the vessel wall the flow is rockier, and you risk getting hung up on the wall or being pushed into a different vessel heading a different direction. When you have laminar flow in life, you are driving toward your goal and nothing will distract you. Flow drives creativity, innovation, productivity and morale.

How does one achieve deep satisfaction and flow in life? In our coaching conversations and through use of a variety of coaching tools we will explore your answers to the 4 questions below. Your answers will move you forward in determining how you can achieve deep satisfaction in life:

1 Am I honoring my values?

Values are our guiding principles in life. They are based on our beliefs, life and family experiences. They drive our ethics and choices in life. When we are honoring our values, life is satisfying and joyful. When we are not living life aligned with our values we may experience irritability, anxiety and general frustration. Know your values and use them as guiding principles in all you do.

2 Am I applying my creativity to everything I do?

Everyone is naturally creative, every day. The gifts and talents you bring to your world are because of your creativity. Learn to use your creativity in all aspects of life and to generously share your talents with others.

3 Am I respecting myself and giving myself grace?

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. That critical, disrespectful voice inside that nags at us and tells us we are not good enough undermines our creativity and flow. No one is perfect. Although, in Medicine we are often expected to be, and we may strive for that ideal in other aspects of our lives. We may also have that expectation of others, which can lend to friction in relationships. Learn to give yourself grace and accept yourself for who you are, resting comfortably in that reality.

What’s your “Grace package”- how do you keep yourself fulfilled, full, energized, focused, at peace?

4 Am I being intentional in setting goals and working toward them?

How are you working your life plan? Setting goals takes initiative and having short- and long-term plans makes life easier. Knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there helps you, maintain laminar flow. Set goals for yourself in the areas of learning, work, finances, personal growth and spirituality, family and friends, and health. Not every goal must be accomplished; however, just trying to achieve a goal is a learning experience. Goals and dreams are closely tied together, and you can use your creativity to define and set them.

In conclusion, , if you are seeking more from your career and life in general; if you are challenged by your work environment and how best to integrate your professional and personal lives; if you are searching for a self-reflective, transformative experience in which you will explore your values and talents, leverage your creativity, gain traction in setting intentional goals, all while viewing life in a positive light, then this coaching experience is for you.

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