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Radical Abracadabra

Here I sit reminiscing at the beginning of another year about all the experiences and challenges that were faced, life lessons that were learned, and emotions like joy and grief that were felt. I am also deciding what my personal phrase for the year will be. I have found having a quippy annual phrase has been a helpful adjunct to using my values and strengths in decision making. Several years ago, coming into a busy new year, I chose “Cram it in” as my phrase for the year (tongue in cheek of course.) As expected this phrase completely manifested in how busy I stayed throughout the following months! This past year was one of “Healing Calm” and even though it was tough to maintain health and peace at times, I learned I must continue to use this approach daily.

For 2024 the word “Radical” popped to mind. What might affect my fundamental nature in a deep and lasting way? At first I thought it could be along the lines of radical self-acceptance or radical self-compassion, but I sensed it must be more thorough and far-reaching than those terms afford.

Then, this morning I stumbled across the Hebrew origin of the word “Abracadabra”, which means to create as I speak. Janet Harvey, CEO of inviteCHANGE and author describes this concept further: “Words are how human beings construct their life experience and express what generates value and love. We are constantly constructing our reality, even when we are silent, speaking inside our heads, dreaming, or envisioning a future that has us thriving.” Words have profound power, so by mindfully choosing words to create (not destroy) then I am inviting deep, positive, and foundational change into my very being and into the lives of others I connect with. This is Radical Abracadabra!

It means I can set an intention to better express compassion toward myself and others. I might choose silence to preserve peace and allow others greater freedom to express. I might speak to promote justice, to heal or protect. My words can be used to create space for new growth in myself and in others. “Radical Abracadabra” invites me to slow my pace of thinking, quiet my inner critic, and take time to develop my inner thoughts and outer presence. Herein might lie the magical key to joy. 

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