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Sue enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for physician coaching with the public. She is willing to candidly speak about hard topics in Medicine including physician mental health challenges, grief and suicide. 

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Stand up (for) Doctors!

Clinician wellbeing and coaching, hosted by Kim Downey (2/8/24)

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The UFFDA Podcast

Finding time for self-care, hosted by Unity Fitness (11/28/22)

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Kevin MD

Processing Grief: A Vital Step for Healthcare Workers (4/24/23)

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Doctors Crossing

Want to test drive your career idea? Hosted by Heather Fork (1/21/22)

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Kevin MD

 Navigating Institutional Betrayal in Healthcare (2/14/23)

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Coming Soon!

Coming soon...

Current Favorites

"Co-active Coaching" by Henry Kinsey-House 
"Essentialism: A Guide to a Curated Life" by Gary Posner" 
"Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life" by Josh Becker 
"Declutter Your Mind" by SJ Scott 

"Necessary Endings" by Dr. Henry Cloud
“Why Physicians Die by Suicide”, Michael Myers, MD


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose Healing Edge Coaching?
    If you are a physician who senses a need to make positive life changes, who is ready to move toward becoming your authentic, ideal self, then Healing Edge Coaching is for you. I believe that each of us deserves to live a more value-driven, joy-filled life, taking the best care of ourselves while caring for others. I would be honored to come along side you as your thought partner while you explore what fulfillment in your life and career means to you and how you might move toward achieving your potential. This coaching journey will provide a way for you to use your values and strengths to leverage your creativity and gain traction in moving toward goals you set. There may be situations and frustrations you cannot change, so some of the coaching experience might be about identifying your tolerance level, deciding what will and will not work for you and how to make acceptable changes to increase your life satisfaction.
  • What career situations do physicians come to you for?
    Physicians seek coaching with me for a variety of reasons including career or leadership decisions, improving communication, buffering against or overcoming burnout or imposter feelings and simply dressing to feel more empowered in their work.
  • How is coaching different from therapy and counseling?
    Therapy and counseling often seek to understand the past and how it might influence current behavior. Coaching focuses on the present and future and is focused on helping the you move toward ideal self.
  • How long are the coaching sessions?
    We will have an initial 1/2 hour conversation to meet one another and to help answer any questions you may have about the coaching process. For those who go on to do a formal coaching program we will start with 6 scheduled session each lasting 60 minutes. Sessions are typically 2-3 weeks apart. After the initial program there is an option to continue on or work together on an as-needed basis.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    Investment in an individual coaching program ranges from 1.5-3K. Group coaching and speaking engagements are negotiating separately.
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