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A Middle-Aged Doctor’s Definition of PPE

Updated: May 25, 2020

Who knew the complexities of PPE

for the menopausal physician

Who could have predicted

Hormonal Fluctuations

would reach

a whole, new Height of Experience?

Imagine 55 years, down-graded ovaries, a few chin hairs

Imagine a deadly malady, universal whole world precautions, a plastic mask

It is the new reality

no going back

no return to puberty

no return to pre-viral life

I smile, mask, shield

I hydrate, smile, mask, shield, fog

I dress lightly, hydrate, smile, mask, shield, fog, flush

I frown, dress lightly, hydrate, mask, shield, fog, flush, sweat

Profusely, all over, little trickles

for 30 seconds, brows dripping, blurry vision, salty sting, bumping walls

These distractions are not mindful moments

They derail my focus

They remind me of my humanness, motherhood, doctoring, aging

This tiny flaming demon, proclaiming control over me, for an angry spell, unpredictable

Then calm, cool, so cool, maybe a bit chilled even, lovely

Purgatorial Peri-menopausal Eruptions


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