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Defining Your Healing Edge

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Consider the metaphor of a wound. When a surgeon incises the skin with a scalpel, a cutting edge is formed. For that instant there is not blood, just a clean, thin, pristine line. Then little droplets of deep crimson liquid well up from the cut. These drops of blood form the bleeding edge. As the blood pools, the incision has already begun to heal. The microscopic components of blood, the red cells, platelets, and complex factors work in harmony to form the clot. As the thrombus begins to gel, it strengthens and new cells move in to fix the break in the skin's integrity. This is the healing edge. The wound may heal by primary or secondary intention. Slowly, a strong, fibrous scar forms, which is a telltale sign that something occurred beneath the surface. It is evidence of something having disrupted the smooth pink surface that was previously unmarred. There is always a story to tell about a healing edge.

With the incision, pain may or may not be perceived immediately. Generally, there is discomfort at some point when any wound is formed. With pain, the mind may work overtime, focusing on it, being distracted by it, agonizing over it. Pain typically fades, sometimes quickly or sometimes in a lingering way, until one day you notice it is finally gone. However, the pain can be easily remembered by a glance at the scar or by remembering the initiating event. As the healing edge forms and grows, the wound closes. Within any healing edge there is a landscape of change with regeneration, new growth, increased metabolism and energy. The result is a new, fresh appearance that is bright and thriving; similar but different; and maybe even stronger and healthier.

What "edges" are you experiencing right now? Cutting, bleeding or healing? What makes you bleed and how can you promote healing in those situations? How would you define your healing edge? Is it healthy, strong and resilient? Are you living your life and career in Medicine aligned with your values? What makes you thrive? How can you best care for yourself? Are there aspects of your life you want to transform? At Healing Edge Coaching we will work in equal partnership to discover your core values and talents, discover your best self-care and what you are meant to share with the world.

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