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Master Certified Physician Development Coach
Dr. Sue MacLellan-Tobert

Empowering Physicians to Thrive

In Medicine today we are faced with increasing demands on our time and energy, continuous stress and unrealistic expectations. With this can come a sense of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then now is the time to transform your thinking and restructure your approach to your career and personal aspects of your life in a positive way.


Healing Edge Coaching is here for you.

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"Sue is a kind, insightful and encouraging guide through the coaching process.  She was instrumental in helping me to identify my values and how to incorporate them into my work life.  Through coaching, I learned many practical tools to increase my resilience to challenges, and through practice have become better at identifying my saboteurs and taking the time to be kind to myself, always trying to have a sense of humor along the way."

- Physician Client

“After some particularly challenging months at work I decided to take a leap and engage with a coach. At the outset, I wondered how a stranger could possibly "get" me and help me in so short a time. Sue’s intake and assessment methods were so discerning that right away she helped me identify values I didn't even realize I had.  Through our time together, she helped me return to these values as a touchstone for personal success as I worked towards my goals.  Talking through this work with her was much more comfortable and personable than I had expected it to feel.  With each session, she provided me with immediately applicable resources to practice prior to our next session.  These resources now serve as additional tools that I feel confident to bring to bear on a variety of issues.  This investment of time and self was wholly worthwhile in helping me to become a better and more capable person.  I am so grateful I found her.”

- Physician Client

Mountain Sunset

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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